"I had no idea there was so much to know about essential oils." 

This is the most frequently heard comment after attending one of our talks. Now, it doesn't need to be complicated but it is important to understand what you put on your body. A small investment of time learning the basics goes a long way toward creating simple, safe, effective aromatherapy blends from essential oils.


Understanding Your Essential Oils - Q and A Consult

Do you have essential oils at home and questions about how to use them? Do you want to better understand their benefits? What about safety and shelf life? How do you find good quality? Bring in your oils to answer these questions and learn new ways of blending safely. Contact us today!

Introduction to Aromatherapy Presentations 

Gain an understanding of essential oils, where they come from, how they are made and how to use them safely. Contact us to schedule this interesting and informative overview that includes sampling a variety of oils. Come away with the tools to select safe, effective essential oils to use in your own blends. Appropriate for individuals and  groups.

Aromatherapy Workshops

Join us for a hands-on learning experience. Attendees spend time working with essential oils and carriers to make a variety of take-home products for self-care and home care. Lecture and interactive discussion deepen the learning experience.

Workshops can be tailored to your interests and range from introductory-level to a more in depth look at specific oils or blending techniques. Contact us to learn more!