• robinkielkowski

Happy Spring!

Spring is so full of potential. We are finally back outside more. Daylight seems to last forever. This is a time for rejuvenating our gardens, our bodies, our homes.

Spring cleaning is a ritual I grew up with. We would air out the rooms and give everything a good scrubbing. My grandparents used clotheslines and cleaned with simple ingredients from the kitchen. As commercial products became widely available, offering convenience and the promise of easier chores, they became the standard. Most of today’s commercial products are full of chemicals to clean and synthetic fragrance to cover. They also pollute, cost a lot and many are not the best choice from a health perspective. So what is the alternative? Go back to simple solutions!

Hang your clothes outdoors to dry. You save energy and will enjoy that clean outdoor smell without the synthetic fragrance of dryer sheets. Mix your own cleaning solutions. Vinegar is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaner. The streaks that confound even after endless window-wiping with store-bought cleaners will no longer be an issue; countertops and floors will be surprisingly clean. The smell of vinegar dissipates as the room airs out….and fresh air is good for us. Use citrus essential oils that are beyond their shelf life to add a pleasant smell with the bonus of their antimicrobial properties. Use baking soda as a gentle abrasive to clean pots and pans and countless other surfaces that need extra scrubbing.

So mix up some natural cleaners, do your chores, then head outside for a hike or relaxed reading in the sunshine.