• robinkielkowski

Time to Wake Up Blend

As daylight begins to shorten and we need to rise and shine to head for work, it helps to have an uplifting blend to reach for. Lemon is a classic for its sunny aroma. Add peppermint and rosemary for an energizing morning or mid-afternoon blend.

To make:

Blend the following essential oils in a small (3-5 ml) dropper bottle. To use, add 3-4 drops to a room diffuser (check your diffuser's instruction manual for guidance) set to intermittent or diffuse for 20 minutes. Or, add 10-15 drops to the wick off an inhaler for convenient, travel-ready aromatherapy. Adults only.

  • 25 drops of Lemon

  • 15 drops of Peppermint

  • 20 drops of Rosemary

Note: Check your oils! If they are past their shelf life, this blend or any of the individual oils can be used for cleaning.