Aromatherapy consultations include a personalized product blended from high quality essential oils and botanicals. You will first be asked to complete a health questionnaire. We then discuss your wellness goals and answer questions you may have. The questionnaire and discussion allow me to select a variety of essential oils and a method of delivering (applying) them that is safe and effective. Next comes the fun part: sampling the essential oils and selecting those that appeal to you. After all, scent is part of aromatherapy! In most cases, you can take the blend home that day. 

The Brandywine Botanicals approach focuses on education and information sharing. You will come away with an understanding of the essential oils in your blend as well as general essential oil facts. We are always available if you have questions. 

New clients should plan on 45 minutes to an hour. Established clients requiring a new or adjusted blend should plan on approximately 30 minutes.  If you simply want to order more product, please contact me so it is ready for pick-up.